Hidden around wineries await you. Spend a day as a true treasure hunter!

Select a designation of origin where to start (TREASURES icon) or directly (WINE TORISM icon) come with the help of a GPS and your wit searches.


Enocaching or the art of treasure hunting.

Enocaching is the first wine tourism game that has been created to play treasure hunt in real time, always taking place around our wineries located throughout Spain.

Ours, because we consider that the wineries of Spain are a national value that we must defend and promote as far as possible, and why not say it, because we are passionate about wine and cava in our country.

And we also add that we like to walk through nature, architecture and the vineyards. With these two fundamental ideas we have created our treasure hunting game, Enocaching.

In the TREASURES icon you will find a link with the differents designations of origin of the wines of Spain and in each denomination its different wineries.

Once on the winery page you will find the GPS address where we will match the game, it is in that adress where the first clue in format is hidden QR. You are going to need a smartphone and QR reader (nowadays the all have it integrated, otherwise there are plenty of free options so you can download it; This track will show you how to get to the next track QR and so on until you reach the place where we have hidden the last QR, and where the password will appear to find the page hidden behind the treasure icon.

It is where we will find our  (TREASURE) prize that will change depending on the designation of origin and winery you have chosen.

This game is going to be a complement to your holiday, a game to do with the family, a surprise foe weekends as a couple, one more option in the wine tourism section, one more excuse to visit a winery and/or an escape to the usual routine to be the protagonist of your adventure and become Indiana Jones, Tadeo Jones, Tom Raider, etc…